Mon 23 Sep 2019

Open letter

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Dear customers!

Cultural heritage home is priceless national assets, associated with spiritual foundation of identity and feelings of ethnic traditions. Career preserve and promote cultural heritage value to social responsibility, but to make good the stage is very important need for specialized forces.

JSC Maintenance of monuments and cultural TW Equipment (VINAREMON., JSC) is a unit specialized in renovation and restoration of monuments and cultural works of art. Transition from state enterprises, VINAREMON have specialized experience in the long years, staff, artists, technicians and specialized synchronization, has close ties with research institutions scientific research, consultancy, construction and assembly in coordination tasks consultancy, design and construction projects across the country.

Because so many achievements VINAREMON was awarded the State "second-class labor medal", the Ministry of Culture - Information presented several consecutive flags "emulation unit"; the building and construction industry trade union up awarded Vietnam flag 02 "high unit construction industry in Vietnam" and "Gold Medal for high quality works of construction products in Vietnam."

VINAREMON behalf, we thank the attention of the State of collaboration to help customers and partners with companies in the recent past. We hope to collaborate more closely and effectively with customers partners have worked closely, as well as more new partners in the cause of preserving and promoting cultural heritage and socio-economic development of the country.


Our warmest regards!

Board Chairman - General Director

Master - Architects: Doan Ba Cu


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