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Australia ICOMOS Charter for the protection of heritage sites of cultural value

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Australia ICOMOS Burra Charter is, as the Australian National Committee of the International Council of Monuments and sites (ICOMOS), adopted on 19-8-1979 at Burra in South Australia. This Charter is built on the basis of the International Charter on the protection and restoration of monuments and sites of the Venice Charter (1964) and resolution of the General Assembly of ICOMOS 5 th meeting in Moscow in 1978. There have been amendments passed at the date 23-2-1981, 23-4-1988 and 26-1 1-1999).

Burra Charter, giving guidelines for the protection and management of heritage sites and cultural values are based on the knowledge and experience of Australia ICOMOS members.

The protection is an organic part of the management of sites of cultural value, and is a permanent responsibility.

Charter and for whom?

Charter establishing a standard system for anyone advising, decision, or conduct work on the heritage sites of cultural value, including the owners and executives management and manning of such heritage sites.

Usage Charter

Charter should be read in its entirety. Many terms are mutually dependent. The terms in the Security Guidelines are usually developed in the process of protection and security practices at the rear. The demonstration is to put into categories for easy reading and not a constituent of the Charter.

Charter as an independent document, but some use and application will be explained more clearly in the following document of ICOMOS Australia:

· Guidelines of Burra Charterr: Cultural Significance;

· Guidelines of Burra rCharter: Protection;

· Guidelines of Burra Charter: Procedures for conducting research and reporting;

. You parallel moral rules exist in the protection of significant sites.

Charter applies to those locations?

Charter can be applied to all places of cultural significance including natural places, local history and cultural values.

Standards by other institutions set up are also considered plausible. That Heritage Charter on Nature Australia and Draft Guidelines to direct the protection, management and use of cultural heritage sites of Aboriginal (Indigenous Australia) and the Islands in Tortes Strait.

Why does it need protection?

Places of cultural significance enrich people's lives, giving them a deeper relationship with inspiring landscapes and communities, with past and past experiences. It is the repository of history, is important because that is the tangible manifestation of identity, knowledge, talent Australia. Places of cultural significance reflect the diversity of our community, let us know who we are, about the time past of our life and work to create landscapes of Australia. The location is nothing to replace and extremely valuable.

Places of cultural significance should be protected for the benefit of this generation and future generations.

Burra Charter advocates a cautious process of change: do everything necessary to look after the well location and make it useful, but otherwise few changes as possible to keep the site up multi-cultural value of it.

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