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Vietnam join stock company for restoration of monuments and cultural equipments changed from Vietnam company for restoration of monuments and cultural equipments follow deciding no 4651/QDD-BVHTT, dated 09/10/2006 of Ministry of culture and Information. VINAREMON is one of leading state enterprises, which had constructive traction and growth a longtime on restoring, upradring of historical, cultural, art monuments over country. VINAREMON contribute successful to career of heritage preservation our land.

Our objective to be striven for "ONE LEADING COMPANY IN MONUMENTAL RESTORATION IN VIETNAM AND ASIA". VINAREMON would like to be friend and cooperation with all home and foreign partners to preseration, develop of heritage, to develop of company and contribute to economic social develop of country

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  • Tr? s? chính: S? 489 Nguy?n Trăi–P.Thanh Xuân Nam-Q.Thanh Xuân–TP.Hà N?i
  • Mă s? thu?: 0100123319
  • Ch? t?ch H?QT: Th.s KTS ?oàn Bá C?
  • T?ng Giám ??c - ng??i ??i di?n theo pháp lu?t: Ths.KSXD Tr?n V?n Khanh, U? viên TW H?i DSVH Vi?t Nam
  • ?i?n tho?i: (024) 3.5527232
  • Fax: (024) 3.8542851
  • Website: Http://;;
  • Email:;
  • Chi nhánh mi?n Trung: ???ng T?n ?à, ph??ng H??ng S?, thành ph? Hu?
  • ?i?n tho?i/ Fax: (0234) 3.526012
  • Chi nhánh mi?n Nam: S? 196/1/12 ???ng C?ng Ḥa, ph??ng 12, qu?n Tân B́nh, TP H? Chí Minh
  • ?i?n tho?i: (028) 3.8111323 Fax: (028) 3.8111596
  • Công ty Cp Tu b? Di tích Trung ??ng - Vinaremon Mi?n Trung ( Công ty con ). MST: 3301632103. ??a ch?: Khu quy ho?ch H??ng S?, Ph??ng H??ng S?, TP Hu?
  • Công ty Cp Tu b? Di tích Trung ??ng - Vinaremon Mi?n Nam ( Công ty con ): S? 7/28 ???ng Thành Thái, t?ng 3 ṭa nhà Rivera Park Sài G̣n, Ph??ng 14, Qu?n 10, TP. H? Chí Minh
  • Tel : 098.664.8326 / 091.304.9760
  • V?n pḥng ??i di?n H?i Pḥng: s? 764 ???ng Tr??ng Chinh, ph??ng Quán Tr?, qu?n Ki?n An, TP H?i Pḥng