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NARA Document on Authenticity (1994)

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1. We, the experts, meeting in Nara, Japan, would like to express our thanks to generosity of spirit and vision of the intellectual position of power in Japan has already put us a chance to meet each other in place this board to put the concept of matter has become a tradition together and discuss measures to expand the reach and means to enhance rearview respect cultural diversity and heritage in practice conservation.

2. We also would appreciate the dignity of the framework discussed by the World Heritage Committee proposed. When reviewing the property records of cultural values characteristic of global wish to be registered on the World Heritage List, the Committee intends applied test the authenticity of cultural heritage that is completely Full respect for cultural values and social of all the country.

3. "Nara Document on authenticity''that was''aware of the spirit of the Venice Charter, 1964", and on that basis extend that concept to meet the concerns and interests of mobile cultural expanding in our world today

4. In a world increasingly fragmented forces of globalization and homogeneous goods (homogenizatiorl) threatened, and in a world where the search was cultural identity is sometimes expressed through an ultra-nationalist Union (Aggressive) and eliminate the culture of ethnic minorities, the main contribution to the consideration of authenticity in the protection of cultural heritage is clarified and light up the collective memories of humanity.

Diversity, and diverse cultural heritage

5. Cultural diversity and cultural heritage is a source of intellectual and spiritual richness can not substitute for all humanity. Protect and enhance cultural diversity and heritage in our world should be actively promoted as a fundamental factor of human development.

6. Diversity and cultural heritage existing in time and space, it requires respect for other cultures and with all aspects of the belief system of that culture. In the case of cultural values seems to be conflicting, the respect for cultural diversity required to recognize the legitimacy of the cultural values of any particular party.

7. All culture and society are rooted in the morphology and mode of manifestation and intangible personal property, creating their heritage. The forms and methods that need to be respected.

8. It is important to emphasize need a basic principle of UNESCO, said that cultural heritage is an integral part of every cultural heritage of the whole. Responsibility for cultural heritage and heritage management, first, that the cultural community that produced it, and then as part of the community look after it.However, apart from the responsibility that, to comply with the Charter and international conventions relating to the first cultural heritage also requires acceptance of obligations and responsibilities that the charter provisions, and covenants that . Thus, each community needs to consider to consider their requests with the requirements of other cultural communities to consider how, when done, not undermine the basic cultural values of other communities.

The value and authenticity

9. The protection of cultural heritage, in all forms and from all historical periods, is derived from the value of which is attributed to our heritage. Our ability to understand the value of which depends partly on the degree of conviction of the sources of information on those values. Knowledge and understanding sources of information that is related to the principal and characteristic feature in the later period of cultural heritage, as well as their meaning in the historical process, is the basis of need to assess the authenticity of heritage in every aspect.

10. Authenticity, considered in this way and has been confirmed in the "Venice Charter", it is clear that the quality factor of the primary values. Understanding of authenticity plays a fundamental role in all scientific research on cultural heritage, in conservation planning and restoration, as well as in the registration procedures on the World Heritage List list or any other cultural heritage.

11. All judgments about values are recognized for the cultural heritage, as well as the reliability of the

relevant information sources, which can vary between cultures, and even within the same culture. So can not judge the value and accuracy of information that are based on fixed criteria. Conversely, respect for all cultures requires a cultural heritage must be considered and judged according to criteria specific to the context in which cultural heritage is located across

12. It is therefore important and urgent as per Supreme cultural characteristics of heritage value as well as reliable and accurate sources of relevant information should be admitted.

13. Depending on the nature of cultural heritage, the cultural context of our heritage, and its evolution in time that the judgments of authenticity can be fitted with a range of different information sources. The format information may include form and design, materials and material, the use and function, communication and technology, set up position and place, spirit and expression, and human others inside and outside the heritage. The use of information resources that will allow up to be the dimension of art, history, social science and cultural heritage of the survey.

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